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Providing Job Income Protection for U.S. and Canadian Railroaders Since 1912

Job Income Protection

The primary benefit of BR&CF membership is income protection for members when “Held Out of Service” due to suspension or discharge for an eligible occurrence. The tables below reflect the monthly dues rate by benefit level and days of eligibility based on continuous beneficial membership. New members receive their first two months of membership at no cost.

When you are “Held Out of Service” as a result of discipline your local chairman will have done all he could to save your job; your union will demand that you be given the right to appeal; your creditors will take a closer look at your credit; your friends will feel sorry for you; but, for eligible occurrences only a BR&CF membership could:

  • Clothe, feed and shelter your family;
  • Provide you with a monthly income while you await reinstatement;
  • Give you a sense of security.

Benefit Rates

Daily Benefit Level Monthly Dues Rate
       $80       $30.40
       $100       $38.00
       $120       $45.60
       $150       $57.00
       $180       $68.40
       $200       $76.00
       $220       $83.60
       $250       $95.00



Days of Benefit Eligibility


After a Beneficial Membership of: Days of Eligibility
Less than 24 months:           150
24 months but less than 48           180
48 months but less than 60           250
60 months or more           365