Direct Debit/Deposit Payment Plan

After careful consideration, the Brotherhood’s Relief and Compensation Fund has embarked upon a systematic transition of the entire membership to the Direct Debit/Deposit (DD/D) payment plan.  The Fund will no longer be dependent on credit card merchant processors nor be subjected to irregularities of carrier administration of payroll deduction and the uncertainty of its future availability.

The Direct Debit/Deposit payment plan has been designed with the primary goal of ensuring that every member remains “In Good and Regular Standing” and therefore continuously eligible to receive the valuable income protection that arises from membership in the Fund.  As an added bonus, this payment plan reduces administrative expenses, including fees associated with postage, payroll deduction, and credit cards.

BR&CF will exclusively employ the Direct Debit/Deposit payment plan to automatically deduct membership dues from a bank account on the 5th, 15th or 25th of each month. If account information remains valid, any monthly deduction missed will be made up by a double deduction the following month.

Enrollment in the plan also establishes an “Active Account” that permits the organization to directly deposit member benefits, referral fees, and dues refunds as soon as the same business day.

Enrolling is simple and secure. Click here to enroll today!