R. Maldonado, Jr

Brother Maldonado hired out with UPRR in 2006 and soon after joined the BRCF. He has served his local in the past as the Vice President, President, and is currently the Secretary/Treasurer of SMART TD local 1892 in Houston, Texas. Robert works as a conductor/switchman in and around the Houston area and has also dabbled as a yardmaster in the past.

Aside from his S/T local duties, Brother Maldonado is also a delegate representing his local with the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. He is a founding member of the annual Houston Solidarity Rally, a multi-union event including SMART, BLET & BMWED locals in and around the Gulf Coast, which has been best described as a “Mini-Regionals” for this area. He helps coordinate and plan this yearly event with other local officers and handles most of the business end of this union event.

Brother Maldonado wears many hats, but his goals are simple. To help empower organizations and help each and every union member he can. To go above and beyond for his union and his union brothers.

Brother Maldonado resides in Cypress, Texas with his wife Patricia and their 3 children, Robert Trae, Christopher, and Ava. When not working, he enjoys traveling, BBQ-ing, football games and jigsaw puzzles.