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Providing Job Income Protection for U.S. and Canadian Railroaders Since 1912


Fall 2018

The organization’s fiscal year concluded September 30, 2018. In accordance with Article XXVII, (Sec. 5), the Fund engaged Hamilton & Musser, PC, CPA’s to examine and audit the books, accounts, and records of the organization. The Fund’s year-end statement of...

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Summer 2018

In April, the board of directors spent a considerable amount of time reviewing historical data and recent disciplinary trends. It was noted that multiple carriers have been more aggressive in the assessment of discipline in recent years. The percentage of occurrences...

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Spring 2018

The organization concluded its fiscal year September 30, 2017. The Fund experienced a net decrease in fund balance (loss) of $171,763 for fiscal year 2017. The net loss is attributable to the continuing increase in payment of benefits to members, which is illustrated...

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Fall/Winter 2017

In this issue we recognize and congratulate our 2017 Luther G. Smith Scholarship recipients. The independent scholarship committee convened in our principal office and proceeded through the challenging process of selecting 20 winners. I believe after reading the...

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Summer 2017

As your newly elected international president, I am humbled and honored to have the support of those members who took the time to exercise their proxy vote. My thanks also extend to the board of directors and those who attended the annual meeting in person. Your...

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Spring 2017

I will soon “pull the pin” and retire to start a new chapter in my life – one where I take with me the memories of this incredible journey, the wonderful brothers and sisters that I have met, and the places visited. At the annual meeting of the members in April I will...

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